Adding Aigents to Slack

What We Do
Aigents application provides search and monitoring of the information across Web sites of your preferences and in private or public groups or channels where the Aigents application is authorized. The search and monitoring are based on topics of your interest that you explicitly provide or which are inferred from your activity by the system. Whenever Web site of your preference or respective group or channel have update matching any of your topics, you are instantly updated with direct message. Also, you may search all findings made by Aigents historically using text search.

How to Install
To install the Aigents to your Slack, use the following "Add to Slack" button below.

Add to Slack

Once you have Aigents added to your Slack, you can interact with Aigents application directly using private messages to it or you can add it to the groups or channels of your interest so it performs monitoring of these groups or channels.

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