Aigents License Agreement

1. This License Agreement is concluded between an Aigents software program end user (further on referred to as the LICENSEE) and the Aigents software program author – Anton Kolonin (further on referred to as the LICENSOR).
2. By definition of the Agreement, the LICENSEE is a physical person that uses Aigents software program (further on referred to as the PROGRAM) independently or indirectly through other software tools, or a representative of a legal entity that uses the PROGRAM as specified above.
3. The License Agreement determined the procedures for transferring proprietary rights and the author’s right for the PROGRAM, as well as liability for integrity and confidentiality of the information obtained or stored using the PROGRAM.
4. A fact of copying or starting using the PROGAM by the LICENSEE means that the LICENSEE has read all provisions of the Agreement and the LICENSEE fully agrees with all of them.
5. The LICENSOR grants the LICENSEE a non-exclusive right to use the PROGRAM both autonomously and as a part of other software packages, or indirectly through other software tools under the “personal book” principle.
6. The “personal book” principle (Clause 5) in the Agreement implies that the PROGRAM can be used by the same physical person on any number of physical devices in any number of copies, in particular, simultaneously, provided that only one LICENSEE has access to them.
7. Transferring the PROGRAM or possibility to use it to another physical person or a representative of a legal entity constitutes a breach of the Agreement if another person / entity, or its representative, is not also a LICENSEE of the Agreement.
8. The PROGRAM can be freely moved from one device to another or can be installed and used on various devices if all those devices are personal property of the LICENSEE as a physical person or corporate property of a legal entity that the LICENSEE represents.

9. The LICENSEE is provided with a copy of binary or executable PROGRAM on an electronic carrier. The LICENSOR retains proprietary rights for the original PROGRAM and all its subsequent copies, made by persons other than the LICENSEE regardless of the form and carriers in and on which other copies exist.
10. The author’s right for the PROGRAM source code and covering printed and electronic materials belongs to the LICENSOR and is protected under Russian and international law.
11. The LICENSEE can request the PROGRAM source code from the LICENSOR, and the LICENSOR provides the source code to the LICENSEE or does not provide it - at the LICENSOR’s discretion.
12. Disassembling, tracing, decompiling and modifying the PROGRAM and distributing its source codes as well as copying the documents and accompanying materials to the PROGRAM without a written consent of the LICENSOR constitute a breach of the Agreement.

13. The LICENSOR issues upgraded or updated versions of the PROGRAM on a regular basis. If the LICENSEE purchases a pay version, the LICENSOR guarantees to the LICENSEE the right for free upgrade and technical support during a year after the date the PROGRAM was purchased.
14. The LICENSOR does not guarantee security of the data stored in the PROGRAM or with its help when updating a PROGRAM version. The LICENSEE exercises data backup before updating the PROGRAM as in its discretion it may think fit.
15. The LICENSOR is not liable if the PROGRAM was breached, or data stored in the Program or with its help were damaged or lost as a result of any circumstances whatsoever. The LICENSEE exercises data backup at its discretion.
16. The LICENSOR is not liable if confidential data of the LICENSEE or other persons stored in the PROGRAM or with its help, or transmitted with the help of the PROGRAM, were made known or became available to persons other than the LICENSEE. The LICENSEE alone is responsible for confidentiality of the data available to the LICENSEE and transferred by the LICENSEE to the PROGRAM.
17. The LICENSOR is not liable if using the PROGRAM by the LICENSEE, applying the results obtained using the PROGRAM or information disseminated by the PROGRAM inflicted, directly or indirectly, any tangible or intangible damage on the LICENSEE or any third parties. The LICENSEE alone is responsible for any damages related to evident or not evident use of the PROGRAM by the LICENSEE.
18. If any of the provisions of this License Agreement are breached, the LICENSOR and the LICENSEE are liable under the law of the Russian Federation, or, if the law of the Russian Federation does not stipulate for liability on the relevant provisions – in accordance with the international law.
Copyright 2014 Anton Kolonin